Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Portrayal Of Television

How does television/film/video portray the ordinary things we accept in our daily world?

To begin, the definition of television and film should simply be changed to “socially acceptable stereotyping”, because in the long run that is what a large amount of shows and movie portray.

For example, think back on all of the high school set movies you've ever watched. Pretty Cheerleaders? Check. Prince Charming? I would hope so! Underdog? Always. Crazy smart computer guy? Obviously. High school is not at all what they portray it to be, yet we accept what they are feeding us. When you truly reflect on the realness of high school it is nothing like movies make it seem. It I had been home schooled my entire life and today was my very first day of public school, I would have to admit, I would be baffled. Movies and television don't show the ordinary kids. The different clicks, the silly drama, and the gossip aspect. They show stereotypes of students, ones that we accept.

Another thing we all subconsciously accept is that we will never find the passion and romance that our favourite characters in movies find. Maybe this is my pessimistic, negative, anti-marriage side shining through, but I mean come on!! Some of the most all-time romantic moments in films would never happen in real life!

Lets look at the breakfast club. Hate to break it to you, but the most shallow guys in school won’t suddenly pull a 180 and decide to be with you. Why would you want to be with someone that shallow anyway? Don't ask me. All I know is once a jerk, always a jerk. Its pretty much a scientific fact.

Clueless will always be one of my '90s favourite, especially now that I’m old enough to understand. The one thing I don't understand is that magical kiss. News flash, Your stepbrother won’t be making out with you for all to see on a grand staircase. Unless your family is close like that I don't know.

Ohhh the notebook. As much as I would love to believe every thing about that movie would come true for me, I don't understand the whole letter thing! For one, No one is going to write you a letter every day for a year, unless they’re restraining-worthy and psycho. Even if something like that started to happen, chances are I’d call the cops rather than weep tears of love over them.

We may accept these “ordinary things” into our daily lives without a second though, but hey, why else watch these videos?

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