Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Role as a Television Consumer!

What is out role as a television consumer?
Well, in all honesty, it is whatever the t.v companies want it to be. We are so brianwashed by a box we stare at for hours that we would do crazy things for it!

“Want to keep watching this channel? Well pay us more” Sure!! “See our lovely commercials? Well buy all that stuff!” Okay!! We play the role of the consumer by accepting everything thing companies tell us to do, and to continue to watch everything they put out. Our role, in reality, to the follow their demands and just continue to do what we're doing which is watching our shows.

Also, from the companies point of few, our role is word of mouth. They rely on us to chat about our favourite shows so more and more people begin to watch. Even with all their advertising, more times than none people will start watching a show when they are influenced by someone they trust and someone they share similar interest with.

So really, our role as a television consumer is to follow their orders and waste away in front of the television. It sounds horrid, but hey, they have me hooked.  

Million Dollar Baby, Ethics, & Euthanasia

After watching the movie “Million dollar Baby” with my sister for one of her school projects, I became much more aware to ethical delimas. it is the ethical dilemma of euthanasia that took over the movie. When Maggie suffers a neck-trauma injury she is left paralysed from the neck down. After leading such a physical, empowering life she could not bare the thought of being physically restricted. Maggie dedicated years of her life to perfect boxing as she strived to reach for the top, and in seconds her career was over.

This devasted not only her, but Frankie as well. She was also his ticket to a championship title and was very proud of the progress that the two of them made. Maggie simply can not bare the thought of spending the rest of her life bound to a wheelchair. With that in mind, she asks the closest thing she has to family for an unspeakable favour. That family being Frankie, the favour being assisted suicide. Maggie reminds Frankie about the story of her father and their dog. She says, “I can’t be like this, Frankie. Not after what I’ve done…People chanted my name…I was in magazines…I got what I needed…Don’t let them keep taking it away from me.” Frankie tells her, “I can’t. Please, please don’t ask me.” Maggie begs, “I’m asking,” which Frankie grudgingly responds “I can’t.” It may kill him to see Maggie, who he views as a daughter figure, not fighting for the first time, but he has to assess the situation.

Frankie can either assist Maggie's suicide and live a life filled with the realization that he had in fact killed someone along with the legal binding that come hand in hand with euthanasia. His other option is watching Maggie waste away in a hospital bed, unhappy, without the desire to live. He does not want to see Maggie struggling to live day to day, but at the same time he does not want to be the one to end her life. Frankie views Maggie as not only as a boxer, but as a daughter. Although he has tried to contact his daughter, she never reads his letter which only makes his connection with Maggie that much stronger. Considering the fact that he feels that father-daughter connection, he can not imagine taking her life. The moral of family dynamic makes her request a devastating thought.

Maggie is not trying to burden Frankie with her troubling idea, she just does not want to live an unhappy life. She sees that she has had her fun, seen the world, and accomplished more than she has even dreamed of. She does not want to kill her self to get away from her life, she wants to die so she can value the times she good has had. Maggie wants to die knowing she has lived life to the fullest, to the most potential she possibly could have every single day. To her, forever in a hospital bed would not be living at all. Dead or alive, she feels as if her life is already over. Frank looks past what society thinks is right, and does help her. 

Socially, this is a huge ethical delima, yet morally, I am team Frank. When reflecting upon this I learned that sometimes what is viewed as right, may not be what feels right. 

Facebook Censorship...Or Lack Of.

This blogpost makes me a little worried, because I soon realized that I don't take many percautions for censoring my facebook posts.

To be honest, I think my profile page on facebook is almost completely open which is just asking for some predator or something to come along. Other than blocking my mom from seeing my pictures (Sorry Ma) I am fairly open with everything I post. Then again, I'm not that annoying girl who posts 56 status's a day or uploads hundreds of selfies. Maybe that doesn't justify anything, but I don't have a crazy amount of information out there.

Not censoring my facebook could be so risky for future careers. As of right now, I plan to go into pharmacy. Yet teaching is always in the back of my mind and there certainly is some pictures I would NOT want a future boss or student to see. But if you step back and think about others, they're absolutely shocking. From drug use to provocative poses, some people have way worse profiles than me! If you're using a social network, it's to share aspects of your private life. And if you're applying for a high-profile, public-exposed job, then perhaps behaving yourself outside of work will reflect better on your day job making censoring important.

In conclusion, I'm going to start censoring my profile for more than my mother. Hey, that's kind of a good philosophy. If you wouldn't want your mother to see it, DO NOT post it. 

I just really love chickens....

Just keep reading, I promise this will make sense! I can guarantee that you are giving me the same look everyone does when I try to explain that I have pet chickens that I genuinely love! They're far more interesting than guinea pigs, longer lived than gerbils, mice or hamsters and able to lead a better life than those poor imprisoned rabbits, chickens are just the ticket. These are a few reasons why chickens make excellent pets!

1) They're social butterflies! - Chickens are flock animals, so they are very social! They all have individual personalities. So they're very humorous to watch. You can determine their own little social order, their pecking order, by observing them and their little squabbles. They are always courious and are happy to just follow you around the yard.

2) There's HUNDREDS of breeds! - And every breed is so different! Some are calm and lazy, some are hyper and curious! There's such a variety to chose from, each one cuter than the next. (Yes chickens can be cute, ever seen a silkie?)

3) Easy Peasy! - They're so easy to care for! A little grain, lots of water, a place to run, and a clean coop and they're in heaven. Leaving for a weak? Put out some extra food and stop worrying – they love some alone time.

4) Show time! - Believe it not, you can show chickens. It's extremely fun and addicting. I've been showing since I was 7 and am currently the national poultry showmanship and judging champion for Canada. Weird title to have, but exciting if you have an odd obsession with poultry.

5) Breakfast! - How many times has your dog made you breakfast? Chickens give back just as much as they take, and are happy to do so! The happiest, most comfortable chickens will lay up to 340 eggs a year, which isn't to shabby.

6) If they're mean just eat them....

Maybe this didn't completely convince you, but don't knock it until you try it! 


As high school winds down I have made a few conclusions. 1) I am awful at math. 2) I get way too excited over chemistry. 3) Don't try and wing an exam. 4)I hate teenagers with a passion.

(Okay maybe I don't hate them that much) 

   Teenagers are generally stupid, ignorant, uninformed and useless. They know nothing of life yet all too easily assume the mantle of those who do. Teens tend to be excessively shallow, superficial and boring. They are the world’s worst for wanting rights without responsibilities, and privileges without payment.
   I have no respect for teens because as a rule of thumb they don’t deserve any. They take so much for granted and want even more in return. Between the gossiping and drama, their goal is to make lives miserable. Being a teenager myself, I can second all of these arguments as I spend everyday surrounded by them – which honestly just gives me more of a reason to not like them.
   Don't get me wrong, I adore my friends. They are always there for me no matter what and make me laugh even when I'm down. It those teens who seem to lack common sense, or just disregard the ability to use it altogether that get me.

   Teenage boys is an entire different rant and I definitely don't have room to open that can of worms.

Ya, just some thoughts.

Appreciate Life, Family, Everything.

Cancer. It's the most evil 6 letter word on this planet, and a word that is much too real for me.

    The summer before grade 10 was amazing, unlike any other. It was a warm day on the beach that summer that would change my families life forever. “I have lung cancer.” When those words slipped through my mom's mouth, my first honest thought was great, guess we won't be spending all summer at the cottage. I have no idea why that selfish though was my first one, but what I do know is my brain just would not accept the fact that my mother was seriously sick. As the news started to sink in, so did the blame. I blamed God for putting this on such a committed member of the church, loving mother, and most amazing kindergarten teacher. I blamed my sister for her wild high school days that could only have put stress on my mothers body, I'm such I put some blame on my brothers and father, but I also blamed myself for not even noticing she was sick, or trying to comfort her when we found out the news.

    It was only 2 weeks after her diagnosis when it was determined that chimo and radiation were out of her time limit she had and that she needed to undergo a very high-risk, intense operation to remove the bottom half of her right lung. The next day she was prepped for the operation and ready to do in. All within 2 weeks. All without explanation. My mother had never smoked in her life or been exposed to any chemicals that typically trigger cancer in the lungs. My entire family was blindsided. My mom however never missed a beat! She was her usually over-cheerful self, stopping to chat with everyone at the store and spent her days on the boat and in the gardens. To this day I can't thank her enough for being so positive for the entire family. She was the sick one AND the one carrying the family through the hard time.

    August 11 2011, operation day. No doubt was this the hardest day of my life. My Mom was my life, my best friend. I couldn't imagine her going under that knife, with statistics against her. Harder to wrap my head around than that, saying goodbye that morning. No teenage should ever have to say their goodbyes to their mother or ever anticipate their death but with survival odds at 25%, there was no way I couldn't say goodbye. I couldn't get half the words out I wanted to say. Give her half the thanks she deserved. It was all too surreal. 2 weeks ago she healthy and happy go lucky, and today, well today she could be gone. She kissed me on the cheek and told me she was so proud of me and knew I would always continue to make her proud. That this wasn't goodbye because I would be seeing her again no matter what happened. She would always be there for me just like she always has been. Watching her walk away was so bitter-sweet. I wanted more than anything for her to feel no pain, to be healthy. But in a selfish way, I did not want the risk, I did not want to say that final goodbye.

    6 long hours later the operation was over, and we were beyond elated with the news. The operation was a success and she was 100% okay. The smile on the doctors face when he entered the waiting room was something I will never forget. Although I knew she had a long stay in the hospital and over a years worth of recovery, she was okay. She jokes around today saying “As if I had time to die, between 4-H, church, my class, and keeping you wackos in order I wouldn't have had the chance!” Which in some sense, in true.

    Through that period of my life I learned not to take one second for granted, and never take anyone for granted. My mother was one of the lucky ones, and I am forever thankful for that.

Fake N' Bake

      Yes, this may offend people. No, I don't care.
The International Cancer Research Society announced today that tanning beds are now classified as a Group 1 carcinogen, joining asbestos, mustard gas, plutonium, sunlight, and tobacco smoke on the list of world's most cancer causing agents. 

      In addition to this, data published in Lancet Oncology how that people who use tanning beds before the age of 30 are 75% more likely to develop melanoma than if they had never used a tanning bed before 30. Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer, responsible for the most skin cancer deaths each year. College students, therefore, are at a major risk here.
While maybe the dangers of skin cancer aren’t news, this is an important reminder to stay away from tanning beds!
      Melanoma is a HUGE problem among college-age women, and being tan is just NOT worth the risk. There are tons of great self tanning products out there that look just as good as a real tan, minus the risk of death. I’m a big fan of self-tanning and make sure to never tan in the sun or a tanning bed. Despite what some might think, there’s nothing fashionable about tanning in the sun or in a bed. It’s completely ridiculous as well as completely dangerous. My family has been touched by cancer way too many times. It kills me to think these young girls my age are putting themselves at risk to themselves, and the pain cancer causes family and friends.
      Think about it – is it really worth risking your life to be tan? Of course it’s not. Please think before you use a tanning bed or go out in the sun without SPF 15 or higher. You could be saving your own life.