Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dead Tone! #loveit

Zombies. Cell Phones. Destroying the school. Need I say more?

I think making a movie as a part of my media studies curriculum is beyond a brilliant idea. It is one thing to watch a movie and dissect the important pieces, but to be behind the wheel and decide what parts we want to stand out to people is kind of exciting. Not only do we see what has to go into script writing and preplanning, but we get to witness how a production works.

We may not have a crazy budget, but that's also part of the fun! We have to get the same message across, with less. This is probably better than having to spend a crazy amount of money seeing as we had to make more of an effort to plan, write, and act. Being apart of this is soo beneficial to the students who want to further their education and go into media studies. It's like a sneak peak into their future and what parts they like and don't like about the film world.

I was extremely nervous and a tad doubtful of our film, but reflecting on the benefits it hold I'm excited to finish it up and tie everything together! I loved filming, and cannot wait to see the final product! Perfect project for a media studies class.  

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