Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Trip to the Moon & Some SPECIAL effects

Amazing, over the top, 100% believable special effects. Proof of an unlimited budget and years worth of work....is exactly how I would not describe “A Trip To the Moon”

Cute, I can give it that. I can also see where this opened doors for film makers everywhere, and why it is dubbed as such an innovative film. Although today we mock the “not to special” special effects, I can only imagine how special they were when the film came out. They incorporated space travel and views from the moon which was like a whole new world to film makers. Special effects include dusty explosions, superimposition, miniatures and animation, which is honestly more than I could accomplish if I were to attempt making a film. The director was truly pushing boundaries and demonstrating the potential for narrative storytelling, making a production that couldn't be presented on the stage. (Not that I would want to see the play version of this either, no offence)

Yet, I have to admit, It was incredible to watch something so old but so interesting. It was crazy to think this was about where It all started. The techniques the director uses are some of the most popular in today's movies, and It is so neat to see how far they have come and how far 100+ years from now they will be at.

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