Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I just really love chickens....

Just keep reading, I promise this will make sense! I can guarantee that you are giving me the same look everyone does when I try to explain that I have pet chickens that I genuinely love! They're far more interesting than guinea pigs, longer lived than gerbils, mice or hamsters and able to lead a better life than those poor imprisoned rabbits, chickens are just the ticket. These are a few reasons why chickens make excellent pets!

1) They're social butterflies! - Chickens are flock animals, so they are very social! They all have individual personalities. So they're very humorous to watch. You can determine their own little social order, their pecking order, by observing them and their little squabbles. They are always courious and are happy to just follow you around the yard.

2) There's HUNDREDS of breeds! - And every breed is so different! Some are calm and lazy, some are hyper and curious! There's such a variety to chose from, each one cuter than the next. (Yes chickens can be cute, ever seen a silkie?)

3) Easy Peasy! - They're so easy to care for! A little grain, lots of water, a place to run, and a clean coop and they're in heaven. Leaving for a weak? Put out some extra food and stop worrying – they love some alone time.

4) Show time! - Believe it not, you can show chickens. It's extremely fun and addicting. I've been showing since I was 7 and am currently the national poultry showmanship and judging champion for Canada. Weird title to have, but exciting if you have an odd obsession with poultry.

5) Breakfast! - How many times has your dog made you breakfast? Chickens give back just as much as they take, and are happy to do so! The happiest, most comfortable chickens will lay up to 340 eggs a year, which isn't to shabby.

6) If they're mean just eat them....

Maybe this didn't completely convince you, but don't knock it until you try it! 

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