Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Facebook Censorship...Or Lack Of.

This blogpost makes me a little worried, because I soon realized that I don't take many percautions for censoring my facebook posts.

To be honest, I think my profile page on facebook is almost completely open which is just asking for some predator or something to come along. Other than blocking my mom from seeing my pictures (Sorry Ma) I am fairly open with everything I post. Then again, I'm not that annoying girl who posts 56 status's a day or uploads hundreds of selfies. Maybe that doesn't justify anything, but I don't have a crazy amount of information out there.

Not censoring my facebook could be so risky for future careers. As of right now, I plan to go into pharmacy. Yet teaching is always in the back of my mind and there certainly is some pictures I would NOT want a future boss or student to see. But if you step back and think about others, they're absolutely shocking. From drug use to provocative poses, some people have way worse profiles than me! If you're using a social network, it's to share aspects of your private life. And if you're applying for a high-profile, public-exposed job, then perhaps behaving yourself outside of work will reflect better on your day job making censoring important.

In conclusion, I'm going to start censoring my profile for more than my mother. Hey, that's kind of a good philosophy. If you wouldn't want your mother to see it, DO NOT post it. 

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