Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Role as a Television Consumer!

What is out role as a television consumer?
Well, in all honesty, it is whatever the t.v companies want it to be. We are so brianwashed by a box we stare at for hours that we would do crazy things for it!

“Want to keep watching this channel? Well pay us more” Sure!! “See our lovely commercials? Well buy all that stuff!” Okay!! We play the role of the consumer by accepting everything thing companies tell us to do, and to continue to watch everything they put out. Our role, in reality, to the follow their demands and just continue to do what we're doing which is watching our shows.

Also, from the companies point of few, our role is word of mouth. They rely on us to chat about our favourite shows so more and more people begin to watch. Even with all their advertising, more times than none people will start watching a show when they are influenced by someone they trust and someone they share similar interest with.

So really, our role as a television consumer is to follow their orders and waste away in front of the television. It sounds horrid, but hey, they have me hooked.  

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